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First Years - New Beginnings


Read below about some of our experiences in our first month is St Josephs Spanish Point.

"My first month in school was easy. I don't like sorting out my locker. My favourite subject is Home Economics. We baked scones and sausage rolls. My teacher is Miss Flanagan. I like changing classes. We are doing mindfulness classes where we have to breath for three minutes. I am really enjoying school so far"

"My first month at Spanish Point has been better than expected. It has been challenging to get used to lockers, timetables, and all the new teachers. It is definitely a big change from primary school. Changing classrooms every forty minutes was difficulty to get used to, but now I'm used to it and it's just natural. I have not yet mastered knowing my timetable but that was always going to take time. Overall, I am settling in well to Spanish Point and looking forward to the oncoming year ahead."

"My first month in school has been great. All the teachers are friendly and everyone is so welcoming. We had a mass in remembrance of Catherine McAuley - Our Lady of Mercy, where we sang songs and participated in mass with our local parish priest. We've also had an anti bullying talk. Every Friday school finishes at five past one and every Thursday we can buy hot chicken rolls for lunch. I'm really enjoying my first month in Spanish Point"

"I have really enjoyed my first month of secondary school. At first I found getting to and from my locker a problem but after awhile you get used to it. The school seemed huge at first but after a few weeks it seems tiny so don't worry about getting lost!. I love the freedom at break time. I get to spend thirty five glorious minutes having the craic with my friends. The teachers and pupils are really friendly and Sister Martina is always around the school, ready to help any student who needs it or just for a chat. Overall, I really enjoyed my first month in Spanish Point".

- First Year Students-

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